Tight Lining 101

Posted by on Oct 11, 2012

I am obsessed with tight lining, an eyeliner technique that gives the effect of a super full lash line. I recently discovered this new secret weapon, which makes filling in your lash line between lashes and lining the underside of lashes (aka tight lining) super easy, even for the cosmetically challenged.

Here’s a step-by-step guide so you, too, can rock this look!


Start with bare lids. (Ignore all my freckley spots. Hmm… Believe I see an IPL post opportunity in my future).



First, I fill in brows and apply eyeshadow. I like Smashbox Brow Tech to Go from Sephora in “Taupe.” Next, I dab on a little Smashbox Limitless 15-hour wear cream shadow. I used their “Icon” color here, but there are lots of other great colors, too. (You can check them out here.) Then, I cover entire lid with a sweep of Stila eye shadow. I used “Wheat,” but “Kitten” is nice, too. Then I filled in my crease with “Golightly,” a shimmering metallic bronze. You can choose from 44 shades of Stilla shadows.


Here’s the effect created by the eye shadows, eyes open…


…and eyes closed.

Ok, now we are ready to begin applying liner. My secret weapon is the 3 Way lining tool by Too Faced. I find this version much easier to use than traditional liners.



Here, I’ve filled in just the lash line on both eyes.


Next, I line the inner rim of my upper lid. Tip: Use the opposite hand to gently pull up on the lid so you can dab the inner rim with liner and create a continuous line.


Here is the effect so far. My left eye has no liner underneath the lash line. Can you can see the difference?



Now for the final step. One more line across the top of the upper lashes.


I went a little heavier on the upper lid, but the lash lining tool really allows you to go as thin or thick as you would like. It is also easy to do a little flip at the outer edge for a cat eye effect, if you so desire.  

Here is my lineup of products, including my fave mascara by Blinc, but minus my Tweezerman lash curler that I could never live without.


Curl lashes, apply mascara and voila!

So, to review:

Hope you enjoyed this little tutorial!

For more product information on the Too Faced, Smashbox and Stilla products mentioned today, visit Sephora’s website: www.sephora.com. To see Too Faced’s video demonstration of this technique, also on Sephora’s site, click on the following link here


Have a great weekend, everyone!

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