Mountain Brook Trading Hits 7,000 Members!

Posted by on Feb 21, 2013

Have you heard of Mountain Brook Trading (MBT)? This Facebook page, started by Laura Silsbee, set up to allow friends to buy and sell their gently used wares has taken on a life of it’s own. Created in mid-November with roughly 200 members, Mountain Brook Trading has now grown to over 7,000! In order to keep up with the approval process, as new members and all items posted must be approved and conduct must be overseen (anyone else remember the Singing Santa incident?), Laura enlisted the help of a friend, Jennifer Ware, and the two are now up to their eyeballs working over time to keep MBT running smoothly. As a testament to its popularity, similar sites have since popped up in surrounding areas, such as Homewood and Vestavia. 


styleblueprint mbt 2013 21 21 Mountain Brook Trading Hits 7,000 Members!


If you’re new to Facebook or just not that familiar with the pages aspect, MBT can be a bit confusing. The site owner has created a guidelines file (found under FILES at the top right section of the page) to explain how the site works and help answer any questions. The guidelines file is quite long and detailed, so for all of the visual learners like me out there, I thought I’d give you a little tutorial here.

This is a members only page, so you must be invited by a friend or request to be added. Then, once you are approved as a member, you can buy and sell to your heart’s desire. You can browse items by category simply by clicking the “photos” tab at the top of the site. There you will find all the categories. Click on any category and you will see all the items listed. See something you like? Click on that item and post a comment indicating to the seller that you are interested. From there you will communicate with the seller via private message (pm) and arrange to see and purchase the item.

Like this:

styleblueprint mbtradinghowto1 feb 2013 620x465 Mountain Brook Trading Hits 7,000 Members!

Click on Photos to browse items for sale by category.

Select the category you want to browse.


styleblueprint mb trading photo albums feb 2013 620x678 Mountain Brook Trading Hits 7,000 Members!

Photo Albums are organized by category.

Then once you find something you like, just make a comment (not a “like”) indicating that you are interested.


styleblueprint mbtradingbuyitem feb 2013 620x450 1 Mountain Brook Trading Hits 7,000 Members!


The first person to comment has first dibs – there is no bidding, just first come, first served.

Now it’s time to pm (private message) where you and the seller will arrange to meet, and since this is Mountain Brook Trading, those who live outside the area are expected to come to Mountain Brook to meet up.



styleblueprint mbtradingmessage feb 2013 620x4011 Mountain Brook Trading Hits 7,000 Members!

Hover over the seller’s name and this box will come up. Then, select message to send a private message to the seller.

When you meet up, you can either buy the item or pass, in which case it goes to the next in line who then meets and decides. It can be a bit tedious and time consuming, so one should only comment “interested” if he/she really does intend to buy.

Selling is much the same as buying. It is best to post your item directly to the photo album and add the details in a comment. This ensures that your item is in an album and shows up in the news feed. (If you just post a photo to the news feed, you will then have to go back and add it to an album if it doesn’t sell immediately.) Here’s how to list an item for sale:

If this is your first time to post to albums you must write in the MBT status update “Please remove my approval status so I can post to albums.” Then wait to be approved. Next, choose your album.

styleblueprint choosealbumcategory feb 2013 620x428 Mountain Brook Trading Hits 7,000 Members!

This is the album for children’s clothing.


 Now select “Add Photos” from the upper right and upload your image.


styleblueprint uploadimage feb 2013 620x4091 Mountain Brook Trading Hits 7,000 Members!


Upload your photo and hit “Post Photos” located at the bottom right. You’re not done yet! Now you must scroll to the end of the album to find your photo. Click on it and make a comment. This is what will prompt your photo to show up in the news feed and not just the album.

styleblueprint finditeminalbum feb 2013 620x234 Mountain Brook Trading Hits 7,000 Members!

Find your item in the photo album and click on it to make a comment.



styleblueprint makecomment feb 20131 620x299 Mountain Brook Trading Hits 7,000 Members!

Commenting ensures the item will post to the news feed.



styleblueprint mbtradingnorthfaceinnewsfeed feb 2013 620x387 Mountain Brook Trading Hits 7,000 Members!

Here’s my post in the news feed.


When someone makes a comment on your post, you will receive a notification. 

styleblueprint interestedmessage feb 20131 Mountain Brook Trading Hits 7,000 Members!

Comments on your posts will show up in notifications.


Respond back and seal the deal…

styleblueprint sold feb 2013 620x511 Mountain Brook Trading Hits 7,000 Members!

Sold in a matter of seconds.

So that’s it. Easy, right? No wonder there are over 7,000 members buying and selling, and everywhere I go people are checking their phones for updates, passes, new listings, meet ups and sold items.

If you decide to take the leap and join the MBT frenzy, just know that it can be very addictive for both buyers and sellers. You will find items of all kinds on the site and, in my opinion, some things which might be better suited for donation or, dare I say, even the rubbish bin…

Read on for a snapshot of what you can expect to find.

After much browsing, I discovered these lovelies…

styleblueprint gooditemsonmbtrading feb 2013 Mountain Brook Trading Hits 7,000 Members!

Now this is what I like to see – gently used goods that are, well, GOOD.

But I also ran across an abundance of items, similar to the ones pictured below, that make you go hhmmm… 

styleblueprint mbtradingmarykay feb 2013 Mountain Brook Trading Hits 7,000 Members!

Partially used Mary Kay products anyone?


styleblueprint mbtradingsaywhatitems feb 2013 Mountain Brook Trading Hits 7,000 Members!

Spanx, dish towels, bake ware and plastic ware, Newport News mules and Twilight fan bib – REALLY?

Seriously, anything goes.

styleblueprint mbtradingcarsboatspuppies feb 2013 Mountain Brook Trading Hits 7,000 Members!

Looking for a car? New puppy? Or a couple of jet skis?

With over 7,000 members you can find just about anything and everything on the site. Laura tells me she has plans to streamline in the future and she and Jennifer are already actively monitoring what items get approved for posting. I’m looking forward to seeing her vision for the site move forward. Kudos to you, Laura, and happy trading to the rest of you!


To see the Mountain Brook Trading FB page, and request membership, click here.